Hadoop on Windows

A lot of people are interested in Hadoop technology these days and currently I am participating in one project related with this technology. The first task was to install Hadoop - easy, right? But I had been told that we were going to use Windows OS and there is no opportunity to use Linux instead. I conducted a quick research and found the Hortonworks distribution which can work on Windows. BTW, the Hortonworks is the only Hadoop distribution that works in Windows :). As you see, I didn't have much choice, so I downloaded the software and installation guide.

The first surprise is that Windows Server (2008 and 2012) is supported OS only, but I could manage to find the Windows Server 2008 machine. After that you have to install required software (jdk, python, .net and Visual C++ Distributable Package). No problem. Everything is done. The next step is to run the msi file. I run it and specified all parameters I required. Installation started but suddenly McAfee windows appeared and showed the message that one of the Hadoop files contains a virus and just deleted it. Nice. After that very weird things started happens - I started to get errors like "There is a problem with Windows Installer package. A program run as part of setup didn't finish as expected. Contact the vendor". Hm... I got this error even after I stopped all McAfee services. I am not a Windows expert, therefore I didn't even know what to do :)

After one week struggling with Windows Server 2008 and our firm's security policies I could finally install the Hadoop on Windows. The next post will be about the loading data into Hadoop and Hive.

PS. I would like to thank David Goodhand from Hortonworks support team for his help and very fast response (I didn't expect this to be honest :) ).


Oracle News

There are a lot of news related with Oracle these days.

The first one is that the founder and CEO of Oracle Larry Ellison decided to leave a CEO job and became a CTO instead. It is kind of a big change in my opinion. Larry has been leading Oracle for the last 37 years and he has archived a great success, therefore now I would expect a new era with Oracle (good or bad will see).

The second one is that OOW conference is started. The first day was about the Cloud, nothing special. Only one announcement was surprising - Oracle Exalytics X4-4 would contain Oracle in-Memory Database! It means that Oracle TimesTen would be replaced by Oracle DB. I think, it is the end of TimesTen! Very sad.