Oracle TimesTen was released

The new TimesTen version is now available on OTN (

Some of the new features:
  • This release contains an Index Adviser that can be used to recommend a set of indexes that can improve the performance of a specific workload. 
  • You can now load a TimesTen table with the result of a query executed on an Oracle database. This feature does not require you to create a cache group.
  • The TimesTen Cache Advisor provides recommendations on how to initially configure a cache schema, to identify porting issues and to estimate the performance improvement of a specific workload. The Cache Advisor is available on Linux x86-64.
Well, now TimesTen contains different advisers which should provide some recommendations about indexing and caching. Additionally, there is some opportunity to cache data by using sql query. I am very interested about these new features and will definitely write about it in details.

PS. What will be in TimesTen 12c vertion?