Happy New Year!

Dear friends,

2012 year is coming and I think it is the best time for summarizing the year's result. Well, lets start. In this year I've written 8 technical articles and some of them was published by OTN. I've left Oracle CIS, so I am not Oracle Employee anymore :( I was nominated to Oracle ACE and I'm very proud of this nomination. I've recently relocated in London, UK.So, I think that 2011 year was not so bad for me.

I have some resolutions on next 2012 year:
- I have to find a job
- I have to write at least 12 technical articles (some of them in English of course).
- Participate at some Events.

But I forgot about people how is reading this blog. Friends, I want to wish you all the best in the New Year.
Happy New Year!!!

Best regards,

Official TimesTen blog

I've found very interesting message from Chris Jenkins on TimesTen forum.

"One of my colleagues here at Oracle has started a TimesTen blog. He is one of the architects in the development team and has been working on TimesTen even longer than I have (around 15 years now I believe). I recommend anyone interested in TimesTen to pay it a visit. If anyone has requests for articles on specific topics, please let us know.

The blog can be found here: http://blogs.oracle.com/timesten/


Actually it is a great news. Sam works in TimesTen development team at Oracle. I know it because he helped me sometimes with my "tricky questions". Now, Sam Drake has official TimesTen blog and I advice you visit it.